Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poem : Poem ll

Poem ll: Poem ll

Poem ll

Reflections at the Waters Edge
Based in an era 1768-1843
Italian Roulette; sort of ‘x ’

Big fish; eat little fish
tadpoles eat their sisters;
no remorse;
no indecision;

A fine lady; with parasol,watches,
un-moved, To dream in golden wishes;
kept un-opened
un-aware of fishes
One key;
to wisdom is seen in birds eyes; piercing
distant lies, some mate forever; some never
bond;Human hearts; are surrounded with words
and flowers are a song in the human heart
words flower; some have thorns of hatred.


Sincere hearts;
left unattended to fade as flowers wilt,
becoming ghosts,abandoning faith; seeking absolute
Un-remorseful worlds, nature is unkind,as ghosts become a truth so to
fish have little minds;fish know no truth; Symbolic birds; in legends past prepare some visions,the mythic Phoenix; omen bird in a room;A fine ladies;
watching birds to learn how to catch the fishes.Observing;
the weather; shadows reflected by tradition.


A skeleton key; may fit all doors to
open only few; an omen there in the a closet perhaps holds treasure; a memory lost to time;The church holds no sympathy for those who sin against the rules, compassionate forgiveness! A human notion lost to fools? Are we no; better to be judged; cast aside!
Who break the rules? We eat the fishes who eat their fry
and the birds who eat the fishes OH!
Let the women by the river cast no shadows,
their reflection,it’s untrue
mothers our time,that pillars of our earth and myth makers of tomorrow,
we honor you.

Jerry .d / aka / a. j. anon
March 2009